Struggle Creative


We wanted to create a next level online learning ecommerce platform, placing technical excellence and a superior customer experience in online retail at the centre of our customers business strategy.




Rosaldo is your organization's best friend in understanding strategic needs in the eHealth, MedTech and Life Science industries. To drive change there, the company needed digital platform to sell its innovative, digital courses for individual and organisational needs.

Struggle worked with Rosaldo to deeply understand the characteristics and needs of their customers. With the knowledge, we designed service path for each potential need and made sure that the information is mapped correctly through the customer journey. One of Rosaldo's main targets with the website is to do global sales via eCommerce. The company sells its digital courses via its own platform, but the actual learning phase takes part in 3rd party service. Struggle built a rest API solutions between the platforms, to keep Rosaldo's business and data in its own hands and ensure gapless sales and execution process for the clients under its own brand.