Struggle Culture

Varying ability, under one roof,
on a shared mission.

We are a team with interdisciplinary ability, from design to marketing and coding, in a space where a shared mission reigns over individual ego.


As much as we believe in having fun at work, collaborating as tightly as we do calls for some principles. They make the good times better and bad times easier.

When it comes to each and every project, we take delivering your personal best as a given. That’s why we haven’t felt it necessary to give it a heading of its own.

Knock Knock

Creative Process

Our Work Philosophy is a handbook for the Struggle team. It also illustrates the expectations for anyone we hire. Stay curious. Challenge yourself. Don’t be the smartest in the room (aim for the opposite). Be cool. Respect the client.

Meet the

Kasper Karimaa

CEO / Founder

+358 44 2836789

Rasmus Haikka

Creative Director / Founder

+358 40 8615786

Leevi Vähäkylä

Strategic Director / Partner

+358 44 9786945

Nicolas Tuomaala

CTO / Partner

+358 50 466 2223

Sanni Aho

Service designer & Copywriter

Elmo Primmer

Data analyst

Jasper Kurjenniemi

Sales & Customer relations

Leevi Larkovuo

Performance Marketing Strategist


Looking for
freelance work?

We are currently looking for freelance developers. If interested, send your work here

If you are a React.js / Vue.js or a WordPress Developer looking for work, send your work & let’s talk.