Struggle Creative

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About us

We are a group of creative professionals on a shared struggle. Our education is in business and design. Our passion is in seeing the next big thing happen. Helping it happen is what we do.

Our process



Explore the needs and desires of your customer. Keep your eyes open. Question. What kinds of problems do they have? What keeps them up at night? What brings their life meaning? What makes them happy? This is the part where you create your purpose.



Reframe the wishes you can resolve, and how you can resolve them. Find. Understand. Is there something people want but just aren’t getting? Is there a yearning for something they can’t quite explain? Is there something others are doing that you could do better? This is the part where you plant the seed for your idea.



Create your vision to fulfill the experience. Get creative. Stay purposeful. How can you bring joy? Ease? Fulfillment? What is your design going to be? How will you label it? How will you manufacture it? This is the part where you create your product.


Deliver the fruits of the process. Try. Try again. Do well. Do better. How do your customers use the product? Do they use it? Do they like it? What do they think of it? How could it be better? This is the part where you get your vision out there. It’s also the part where you change the world.



Sanni Aho

Service Desiger & Marketing

Elmo Primmer

Nicolas Tuomaala

Digital Designer & Developer